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The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours; what you do with the music you collect here is your own responsibility.
Musical Notions does not claim responsibility for any of the members or the files obtained.

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1. All posts will be locked by default, do not edit your posts to change the setting.

2. No non-music-related posts (recommendations, requests and playlists only).

3. LJ cuts are your friend on longer posts (more than 3 songs/all playlists/album tracklistings) and all autoplay videos.

4. If you download something, please comment. It's polite and we like the feedback. But if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

5. Please tag your posts with the name of the band or in the case of soundtracks, the movie/television show.

6. If you are pimping another music community/blog (the only type of community you should be pimping here) please add a sample to your post so we can see what you offer.

Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes.